Our Name




 The name Mbarikiwa is a Swahili word (language vastly spoken in East Africa) meaning the blessed. It is based on a theme set forth in the Bible and inspired writings. On realization that there were so many Swahili speakers all around the world who shared this faith, we hope to encourage, challenge and remind them that the Lord loves them and they are what he says they are -blessed. 
We also hope to ultimately revive the burning love and ignite a desire to pursue Christ and for one more time live victorious in readiness for Jesus second return.
The mission of Mbarikiwachannel is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world through music, the spoken word and the written word. We desire His voice to be heard as we convey to all, the importance of understanding biblical standards for our music of worship and praise.
Being a Christ-centered music ministry, it is our desire to work for the Lord and draw closer to Him and to His people. We hope to share this faith by the articles, as well as in the message of the music. As we share this music, we have seen in many a desire to understand how to make positive changes in their music choices and most importantly how to fall in love with this gospel music. 


1. Mbarikiwachannel is dedicated to upholding the Bible as divinely inspired and authoritative in all matters of faith and practice.
2. Mbarikiwachannel is committed to providing biblically based material for children, youth and adults to aid them in their understanding of the Bible, in the development of Christian character, and in preparation for the soon return of the Lord Jesus Christ.
3. Mbarikiwachannel through its ministry seeks to maintain and arouse the spirit of true worship, thus awakening the world to a sense of the value and privileges of music.
4. Mbarikiwachannel will honor the Lord in all its transactions with friends, sponsors and supporters while providing them with pure undiluted gospel music.


Though many life storms may have passed your way and your Christian walk shaken, making it seem like nobody cares,


 We want you to be blessed. Don't live life in distress just let go and let God, He'll work it out for you.

 We pray that your soul will be blessed forever in His hands for you deserve His best no less.
You will enter a place where you never have to cry, never have to live a lie, and never have to wonder why.
Never want for nothing, for you will always be satisfied in the peace that His arms will provide.
He will erase any guilt or shame and change you so that you can testify of His goodness and mercy.
We pray for you today that you will trust and always obey by calling on His name and He will keep you from falling and will supply all the answers to your questions.

 May you be blessed from the bottom of your feet to the crown of your head,
May your life be blessed, your family be blessed, your finances be blessed, everything about you.
Give it to Jesus, give it to Jesus and stay blessed until his return.