Our Values


Mbarikiwachannel is guided by these Biblically-sound principles: truthfulness, honesty, compassion, support for worthy causes, reverence for God’s Word, respect for recognized authorities, and a souls-culture orientation.

Truthfulness:  We live in an age when individuals and groups misrepresent the truth. However, every person and every ministry will up-hold the standard of truth. To achieve this we will endeavor to know the truth (John 8:32).

Honesty:  As a body of believers in Christ, we will represent Him in all our interactions in an honest and straightforward manner.

Compassion:  Our commitment is to use God-given resources to meet the needs of humanity and to serve the less fortunate with compassion and love.

Fairness:  In an environment of self-serving all-for-me attitude, we will deal fairly and equitably with everyone.

Forgiveness:  The spirit of forgiveness as expressed in the Lord’s Prayer (Matt: 6:12) will motivate our actions toward those who come short in right doing. We believe that one can only be forgiven by God if he or she is willing to forgive others.

Excellence: Since we serve a God who is perfect in every way, it is our wish to please Him. Therefore, by faith we will strive for excellence in everything we attempt in His name.

Respect: Recognizing that God is our Creator and that He has given authority to leaders and rulers at various levels in society, we will teach, by precepts and example, that due respect should be shown to God and all legitimate authority.